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    The area of influence of the port to which the cargo produced in its hinterland is sent or from which the goods being sent to the hinterland originate. It follows from this that it is obviously a zone of influence encompassing a much larger area. A port’s foreland refers to the national or international region from which the goods unloaded at the port originate, and the destination of the goods loaded at the port.

    Fully automatic

    Twistlocks are locked/unlocked automatically by means of a fully electric mechanism. The lifting device twistlocks change their position when the twistlocks of the main spreader turn from closed to opened. This also can be done by remote control when the lifting device is a below-the -hook device. After that the main spreader twistlocks must be closed again in order to secure the lifiting device and only when all landing pins are completely introduced.
    When the use of the lifting device is very intensive, and the speed is a must, this is the system the customer needs.
    It´s a highly optimized system that requires little maintenance.

    Some of our container spreaders that are fully automatic are the high perfomance spreaders and the Spreaders for industrial use.