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    Over height frames

    Over height frames

    Over Height Frame is a lifiting device designed for use with a conventional spreader when handling containers loaded with “out of guage” cargo.
    Capable of lifting 20ft, 40ft or 45ft containers, depending of the OHF dimension, other option is the OHF telescope, in this case the same OHF can be used for 20´/40´/45´, with the telescopic action of the main spreader. The overheight Height Frame has twistlock’s positioned at each corner for locking/unlocking onto the container corner castings.

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    Overhead crane

    An overhead crane is a machine that allows you to lift and move heavy materials in a very precise way. Overhead cranes are usually designed with a very specific purpose or under the personalized needs of the client, so they do not follow general dimensions and sizes.

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