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    Parking stand

    It´s the place where the lifiting device is parked, depending of the machine they also can be used for being able to detach the device from the main spreader, when there´s a mechanism that fix the lifiting device to the main spreader.
    The parking stand can be used in many lifting devices as lifiting beams and frames, Over Height Frames, lashing cages, RS and FLT attachments…
    It can be positioned on the floor or seal beam of the crane.


    Infrastructure based in the coast that allows ships to load and unload passengers or cargo. It is also used to take refugee from storms and to stuck up on supplies. Ports are essentials for the economical activity and for international trade. Figures are amazing. According to Eurostat, 3.6 billion tons of freight were handled in just EU ports in 2018.

    Do you know what a dry port is?

    Port terminal

    It is that facility or set of port facilities that form the interface between the different modes of transport. The port terminal consists of a port operations area that includes the stowage/unstowage, loading/unloading, storage, transfer and receipt/evacuation phases through inland transportation.

    The most widely-used elements in terminal operations are lifting structures such as STS, Straddle Carriers or Reach Stackers, machines used for loading and unloading such as Spreaders and Over Height frames, as well as other elements such as Forklift trucks or Unlashing baskets. More information about load-lifting elements at

    Terminal MSC Valencia (Spain)

    Project Cargo

    Project cargo is understood to be the transport of large, complex or high-value equipment, including fractional bulk shipments, which can be transported by land, sea and air.

    This type of freight transport, also known as project logistics, relies on the help of cranes, trucks or boats, among other machinery.

    Project cargo requires the agents involved in their management to have a high level of expertise to avoid unforeseen events throughout the process. You can trust Tec Container for your Project Cargo.