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    Lifting Lug vertical

    Lifting lug for vertical lifting of containers which fits into the top container corners ISO holes. It is manufactured from high tensile steel and has a breaking load of 30t. This model is used for loading of empty containers in case that the slings will be with angle less than 90 degrees with respect to the container surface, or, if used with loaded containers, the lifting must be at 90-degree angle with respect to the container Surface.

    Logistics Activity Zones (LAZ)

    A Logistics Activities Zone is an area located in places near ports and container terminals, offering intermodal logistics well connected to air transport, by rail or by road. In Spain, we could cite the Barcelona ZAL, which is integrated into the port and is a logistics base with a high level of intermodality, hence it is a piece of infrastructure that integrates distribution and transport activities in post-industrial and pre-commercial handling.