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    Lashing / Safety cages

    Work-cage means a device that is attached to any type of lifting appliance for lifting personnel for access or to carry out work functions. This refers to all types of personnel carriers and baskets regardless of their method of attachment and by varying designs can be used by people to allow them to work at height, whether above or below ground level.

    Lifting beam / Lifting frame

    Lifting beams/ Lifiting frames: Are considered below-the-hook lifiting deviced, they are used to stabilize and support load, they are used to avoid damage to the load and the slings, reduce the lifiting angle below the maximum allowed by the current regulations and prevent the slipping of the cargo.

    Lifting equipment

    Industrial equipment that is used to load and unload cargo. There are different types of equipment, structures, and vehicles. From STS cranes to straddle carriers or reach stackers. We can also find frames such as SpreadersOver height frames  or lift beams that may require in most of operations.

    Lifting hook

    A lifting hook is a device for grasping and lifting loads by means of a crane or a hoist. These lifting hooks have, as a general rule, a safety tab to prevent unhooking of the sling, the chain or rope to which it is attached.

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    Lifting Lug lateral

    Lifting lug for lateral lifting of containers. This model fits into the bottom container corners ISO holes. It is used in conjuction with lifting slings together with a simple container spreader. It is made of high tensile steel, and has a breaking load of 12,5 tons. The working angle of this model of lifting lug is between 45 and 90 degrees.