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    The lifting device twistlocks change their position when the master spreader or the upper slings (depending of the lifiting device) performs a complete upward elevation movement, and only when all landing pins are completely introduced.
    It´s a very easy and low maintenance mechanical system, it´s very popular and cheaper than electric system, when the speed is not a critical requirement or its use is not so intensive it is the best option.

    Shore power

    Shore power, also known as cold ironing or alternative marine power, is the provision of shoreside electrical power to a ship at berth. It is a green concept that consists in providing electrical power from the shore to a ship while it’s docked, thereby allowing a ship’s auxiliary engine to be turned off and stop the pollution.
    Tec Container has the aim to improve the health and the lives of port communities, that’s why they are offering different shore power solutions.


    Kind of cables used to lift and ensure cargo. There are several slings types that are used depending on the machines and the rest of lifting elements. The most common are wire ropes, webbings, and chain slings. It is very important to check slings periodically to ensure safety in all operations.

    If you want to buy lifting slings, we have a wide catalogue in lashing equipment.

    Spreader beam

    The spreader beam is a “below the hook” lifting device that uses two or more hooks that meet along a beam. The spreader beam is connecting to the hook by slings. Spreader beams are used to convert lifting loads into compression forces (in the beam) and into tensile forces (in the slings). The spreader beams also help to have greater control of the load and reduce the chances of the load tipping, crushing or damaging cargo.