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    Technical documentation

    All industrial equipment must be delivered with essential technical documentation. In TEC Container we always provide instructions (use, assembling and maintenance), CE certificate for those products that are protected by European laws, blueprints, revisions schedule & planning and technical guarantee. It is vital to keep all this information and review it periodically to ensure the optimal functioning of the machines.


    The lifting devices in some cases can telescope with the telescopic action of the main spreader, reaching the 20ft, 40ft or 45ft position.
    This allows you with the same machine being able to lift different load dimensions.

    Some of the container spreaders that have the telescopic action of the main spreader are the high performance spreaders STS, Yard and MHC.

    Third party inspection

    Best way to ensure that there cannot be place for any mistakes is to have third parties’ inspections. All key welds of TEC Container products are supervised by internationally recognized third parties’ organizations such as SGS. In addition, we also follow requirements of our clients such as material inspections, mid-production and terminated product inspections. We have daily relationship with top companies such as Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register or DNV. Quality is not an add in. It is a must.

    Torque limitation system

    The sytem the lifting device has to prevent locking twislocks in blocked ISO corners, when the device is mechanical operated protect transmissions from overstrain.


    Piece that is used to lock a container into place on a ship. There are several twistlocks types with different uses and with different characteristics. Spreaders, overheight frames and lashing cages, among other lifting equipment, uses this twistlocks as the main locking system since the 50’s. You can get more detail and most common twistlocks used in Otherwise, if you want get some twistlock, you can visit our lashing equiment’s shop.